Friday, 26 October 2012

The unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

Such a good sequel! I had really been looking forward to it so i was ecstatic to finally have the chance. This book takes everything up a notch and i thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I was anxious to find out how Jude was alive and discover the truth.

It picks up with Mara admitted into a mental hospital after she had a fit at the police station where she saw Jude. Everyone thinks she is crazy but she knows the truth - Jude is out there somewhere and he is after her. Soon, she starts experiencing horrifying things that are even more indication of Jude's return and that he wants something with her, but she doesn't have anyone to turn to except Noah.

I felt sorry for Mara in this because of everything she went through. Her life is miserable and i would go crazy feeling so helpless, but she is strong and survives. Noah does change in this book. He is still snarky and sexy but he is also more sweet in this and i loved how he constantly helped Mara through everything. You also get to find out more about his past and how he discovered his ability which gives you more insight into his character. The romance between them is building up and there are some really hot make out scenes that make you swoon.

Jude is back but sadly he doesn't return for over half the book. However, when he does, he is really evil. He has his own agenda and wants something from Mara. He also happens to have a mysterious ability that you find out at the end which makes this even more interesting.

I also really liked Daniel who is such a supportive brother but i want him to have more part in the plot. Jamie is back along with other crazy people from their crazy mental school. There is also Mara's doctor who i really didnt like.

The story is good but i wish more stuff happened. There were also these flashbacks from India which i found a bit confusing at first but they help you understand the story. There is also other stuff going on that isnt quite explained yet and i really want to know the answers. It ends on a cliffhanger which has me really excited for the next book :D

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