Monday, 29 October 2012

Sanctum by Sarah Fine

What happens when you commit suicide and die? where do you go? This book revolves around exactly that. When Lela's best friend Nadia commits suicide, she decides to go to the place that has haunted her for years - The suicide gates. After she dies, she follows Nadia there and tries to look for her. Along the way, she runs into the guards there and their captain Malachi who decides to help her.

Lela has had a very abusive life; she has lived with multiple foster parents and never had a nice loving family. She has been to detention centres and been treated unfairly her entire life. I really felt sorry for her and i also really admired her for her strength and ability to go on after all that she has been through. She is also very kickass and headstrong and so funny which made me love her tonnes
Nadia is her best friend who is seemingly perfect - pretty, popular, clever. But underneath she is broken which leads her to commit suicide. She is missing for a at least half the book and when she does come back, she is in a very bad state. I was sorry for her and wished she would get better.

Malachi is the captain of the guards who on the surface is brutal and dangerous and deadly but on the inside he is so sweet and soft and loving. I knew from the first scene that i would fall in love with him and i did. There is so much more to him underneath the surface and his secrets that come out later really give you insight into his personality. The romance between them is a bit too fast but not in the way that would put you off. I really loved it and found it sweet and romantic. Their scenes together are sensual and make you melt.
The plot is about Mazakin which are horrible creatures that reside in their world and about finding Nadia. There is lots of action and plot twists that i loved. Their world itself is very intriguing. You can still die when you are already dead and how you can everything there but you wont be satisfied. I was also fascinated by the "judge". The book ends with one heck of a twist that will make the sequel very interesting to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this and highly recommend this.

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