Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Deity by Jennifer l Armentrout

OMG!!!! THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I have always loved this series and am amazed at how they keep getting better and better. This book was perfect and kept me completely hooked till i finished it. It starts off with Alex only weeks away from her awakening and things are getting more an more complicated. Minister Telly is hot on her trail about the guard that she and Aiden killed, her connection with Seth is becoming freakier and freakier and she also finds out something crucial about her father.

The love triangle continues and while i really liked Seth before, i absolutely LOVE Aiden!!! He is soo cute and adorable and protective and HOT! I love him so much now and Alex and Aiden are perfect together. Their romance gets so much more steamier and they finally get together. Seth on the other hand had the opposite reaction. He is such a traitor and stabs Alex in the back that i hated him! He's always had two sides; a funny, nice one and an asshole one and that side completely takes over. Its like he transformed into a different person and i wanted to punch him really hard for some of the things he did.

Alex has always ben awesome to read about and i loved her in this too. One of the my new fav characters now is Leon. He is just so awesome and i wanna read more about him. Other characters like Deacon, Lucian, Linard and Marcus all play some sort of part in the story.

There is just so much going on this book with lots of twists and turns and huge revelations. There is more stuff revealed on the appolyon and their history that makes it really interesting. There was tonnes of action and romance in this that i loved and wanna read it again and again.

The ending is killer! i m gonna die waiting for the sequel to come out cuz i need to find out what happens next!!! This is definitely the best in the series so far and i'll be in agony waiting for the next one.

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